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About the Mesencephalon and Cerebellum

What does the mesencephalon do?

The mesencephalon, also known as the upper brain stem, midbrain or cerebral peduncle, is normally inhibited by the brain. When the “brain loop” is intact, the mesencephalon is turned off (or on low).

Once stress interrupts the “brain loop”, the mesencephalon is left unchecked and the brain gets stuck in a sympathetic fight or flight response.


A mesencephalon that is not firing properly causes symptoms of fibromyalgia, ADHD, sciatica,

What about the cerebellum?

Another key part to the “brain loop” is the cerebellum. This is the back, bottom part of your brain which controls your eye movements, balance and coordination, and spinal postural muscles. When one side of your cerebellum is not firing properly it can lead to a host of common ailments.


A misfiring cerebellum will cause one side of the postural muscles to be in constant spasm which will cause imbalances in the spinal bones. Additionally, individual vertebrae will lock up restricting their normal movement. Consequently chronic back and neck pain, spinal degeneration, arthritis, disc herniation, and sciatica may develop.