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There is a place for medications.  They can and do save many lives, however one of their drawbacks is the damaging side effects they can have.  And many of the side effects are not readily evident until it is too late.

diabetes3-150x150So it is important to manage a problem like type 2 diabetes with a little medication intervention as possible.  How can you manage type 2 diabetes?   This can be done by dietary changes and life style changes.

The dietary changes I refer to is not simply reducing sugar intake or losing weight.  There are certain foods that can precipitate type 2 diabetes and if you want to manage it you need to eliminate these foods.  Life style changes can be as simple as getting to sleep at a certain time.  Exercises can be as simple as belly breathing and doing a simple aerobic exercise twice a week.

These simple changes can possibly mean the difference in taking insulin or not.  And as many a diabetic knows once you start taking insulin your health changes for ever and not necessary for the good.