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Dr. Greg Symko-Lyme disease, the stealth infection that is hard to kill.

Lyme-150x150Borrelia burgdorferi is the Latin name of the bacteria that is the culprit in Lyme disease.  What makes it so troublesome is that it is a Cell Wall Deficient bacteria or CDW.  What does this mean?  CDW bacteria can basically come out of it’s protective shell.  This does several things.

If a bacteria does not have its shell the bodies immune system has a hard time seeing the bacteria as an invader. In addition by getting ride of it’s shell it becomes very small and pliable.  This allows the bacteria to go to places too small for other types of infections.  It can cross the Blood Brain barrier which normally keeps bad things out and it settles in the brain.

This can give rise to a whole host of neurological issues depending on were it has latched onto in the brain.   So in a sense the bacteria hides from the immune system which tries it’s best to get at the bacteria but can’t.  Also antibiotics find it very hard to reach the infection as well.

Dr. Greg Symko-Lyme Disease: Are those symptoms real?

Stress-150x150The very nature of the bacteria of Lyme is that it can and does settle in the nervous system, because it is safe and it is hard for the bodies natural defense to find it.  It is also difficult for antibiotics to find it.

So why all the symptoms?   It is very simple.  The brain runs your body and your body runs your brain.  Our body system is all connected.  every were from your fingers and toes to the top of your head.  Every body function from your heart beating to you digesting food your brain has a hand in the correct functioning of it.  when you brain gets an unwelcome visitor it has it’s own immune system to deal with it.  Unfortunately because nothing is supposed to get into the brain the immune system is not very good at picking out the bad guys and starts to not only try to kill the invaders, but it starts to kill itself.

When you start losing brain cells you start having all types of problems running the body.  Typically in Lyme disease you can have a great deal of joint pain, depression, brain fog, fatigue.  All these symptoms are brain related.

Dr. Greg Symko-Is it possible to feel healthy again after Lyme Disease?

Apple-150x150One of the biggest problems with Lyme disease is that not everyone with the symptoms of pain, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety etc.. has Lyme disease.  The other problem is after a 6 to 12 month course of  antibiotics symptoms still persist or they come back after a few months.  That means two things either the Lyme bacteria was not killed or there was no Lyme in the first place.  Blood tests are also not very good.  There are both false positives and false negatives.

that is the problem.  there is a solution.  the Functional approach is one where the brain immune system is calmed down while determining if indeed there is a Lyme problem.  There are many types of infections that mimic Lyme disease.    All that has to be done is to determine if that is the case and then apply the appropriate treatment.  Not a 100% guarantee, but maybe a solution for many suffering from these symptoms.