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Dr. Greg Symko-Lyme disease, the stealth infection that is hard to kill.

Lyme-150x150Borrelia burgdorferi is the Latin name of the bacteria that is the culprit in Lyme disease.  What makes it so troublesome is that it is a Cell Wall Deficient bacteria or CDW.  What does this mean?  CDW bacteria can basically come out of it’s protective shell.  This does several things.

If a bacteria does not have its shell the bodies immune system has a hard time seeing the bacteria as an invader. In addition by getting ride of it’s shell it becomes very small and pliable.  This allows the bacteria to go to places too small for other types of infections.  It can cross the Blood Brain barrier which normally keeps bad things out and it settles in the brain.

This can give rise to a whole host of neurological issues depending on were it has latched onto in the brain.   So in a sense the bacteria hides from the immune system which tries it’s best to get at the bacteria but can’t.  Also antibiotics find it very hard to reach the infection as well.