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Dr. Greg Symko-Lyme Disease: Are those symptoms real?

Stress-150x150The very nature of the bacteria of Lyme is that it can and does settle in the nervous system, because it is safe and it is hard for the bodies natural defense to find it.  It is also difficult for antibiotics to find it.

So why all the symptoms?   It is very simple.  The brain runs your body and your body runs your brain.  Our body system is all connected.  every were from your fingers and toes to the top of your head.  Every body function from your heart beating to you digesting food your brain has a hand in the correct functioning of it.  when you brain gets an unwelcome visitor it has it’s own immune system to deal with it.  Unfortunately because nothing is supposed to get into the brain the immune system is not very good at picking out the bad guys and starts to not only try to kill the invaders, but it starts to kill itself.

When you start losing brain cells you start having all types of problems running the body.  Typically in Lyme disease you can have a great deal of joint pain, depression, brain fog, fatigue.  All these symptoms are brain related.