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Dr. Greg Symko-Is good posture important for your brain?

posture-150x150You can tell a lot about the health of a person by looking at their posture.  You can particularly know about their brain health.  There is a part of you nervous system that controls your posture and this is called the PMRF.  If the PMRF is working correctly you have good posture.  The PMRF allows you to stand up and sit up straight.  What is interesting about that is your brain, the part that makes you you has a great influence on this PMRF.

So if that part of your brain we call the frontal lobes does not work well the PMRF will not work well.  The question you may have is what started not working well first the PMRF or the Frontal lobe.    Either can influence you posture.  It takes good observation and a trained Functional Neurologist to figure it out.  So the next time you are sitting and working at your computer ask yourself is my posture good and if not what is my brain doing wrong.