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Dr. Greg Symko-Is it possible to feel healthy again after Lyme Disease?

Apple-150x150One of the biggest problems with Lyme disease is that not everyone with the symptoms of pain, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety etc.. has Lyme disease.  The other problem is after a 6 to 12 month course of  antibiotics symptoms still persist or they come back after a few months.  That means two things either the Lyme bacteria was not killed or there was no Lyme in the first place.  Blood tests are also not very good.  There are both false positives and false negatives.

that is the problem.  there is a solution.  the Functional approach is one where the brain immune system is calmed down while determining if indeed there is a Lyme problem.  There are many types of infections that mimic Lyme disease.    All that has to be done is to determine if that is the case and then apply the appropriate treatment.  Not a 100% guarantee, but maybe a solution for many suffering from these symptoms.