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Dr. Greg Symko-Why does a patient have the symptoms they have?

Doctor-150x150There are several ways to explain what the practice of functional medicine and functional neurology does that is different from the other ways of practicing healthcare.   When  attending Medical school, Chiropractic school, Acupuncture school, Massage school, etc.  the body and diseases are studied in chapters.

Each chapter or section covers a specific part of the body.  An example being there is a section on the heart and the cardiovascular system, the back, the head and headaches etc.  That is how all of us healthcare providers learn.  The problem with that approach is the body does not work that way.    Every system in the body is related to each other. So if you have bad posture, this can be related to a certain part of your nervous system called the PMRF.

A problem with the PMRF can have other consequenses besides posture.  It can affect blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, pain, and sensation.    So in a nutshell other healthcare providers treat you like a chapter, but Functional healthcare providers treat you like a book.