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Dr. Greg Symko-A slow recovery from a stroke can be frustrating.

I had a long conversation with a patient today about her progress. We went through some exercises and she had a hard time with them. She was frustrated and angry since over the weekend she had no trouble with them. I told her that I understood her frustration. Not always with stroke recovery do you consistently get better. Like any one you have bad days and good days. The only trouble with stroke recovery is that your brain has very little extra reserve. So the bad days can feel pretty bad, almost like you’ve regressed all the way back to the beginning.

I still have bad days were my pain seems unbearable or I’m dizzier than before or light headed or very fatigue. I have to except these days and I tell my patient’s that unfortunately they have to as well. One of my patients had a wonderful out look. She said, “The bad days only make the good days that much better.”