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Dr. Symko, Concord-area Functional Neurologist, writes about the typical chronic back pain sufferer.

back pain


I wrote in my last blog about the ATM® and how the brain works to keep our joints coordinated and moving correctly.  Now I’d like to address what the ATM® can do for a typical chronic back pain sufferer.

This is a typical chronic back pain sufferer’s history:

It all started 20 years ago when you hurt your back by doing something from lifting weights to bending down to pick up a pencil. Because of the pain, you go to see your Primary Care Provider (PCP) who says something to the effect of “The pain will go away eventually – here are some pain killers and muscle relaxers”. These medications relieve the immediate pain; however, a few months or years later, the pain returns. More pain killers are prescribed, they might work, and they might not. If this is the case, your PCP may suggest physical therapy. PT helps some and gives you exercises to do. You do them for a while and the pain goes away. A few years later, however, the pain comes back again. You try everything from acupuncture to chiropractic. These do help, but you keep having to return.

It’s an endless cycle that you’re tired of dealing with. Now you come to a functional chiropractor/ neurologist who identifies and treats the root cause of the chronic pain. The ATM® could be the key to that change and the solution to your problems.