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Dr. Greg Symko, Concord-area Functional Neurologist, writes about the best source of energy for our bodies.


In my practice, I am often asked by patients how to replace the calories from carbohydrates from bread, pasta and other high-sugar snacks.  Their primary concern being where they are going to find the energy for that marathon of life!


Simply put, our bodies store energy in two ways, fat and glucose. Of the two, fat has twice the amount of energy as glucose.

Your body is able to stock about ninety minutes of stored energy in the form of glucose.  This is good for high-intensity routines such as CrossFit, interval training, burst training or simply chasing your dog and/or kids around.

Alternatively, fat has a great deal more staying power.  It is burned in low-intensity, high-duration activities such as reading or writing a book, marathons, gardening, or any other low-intensity manual labor.

When the body is burning the correct form of energy, it is a perfect system. The key is to make sure your body is functioning the way it should so that you burn your calories this way.

There are two primary conditions that are the result of poor eating choices, and these can interfere with this otherwise perfect system, they are insulin resistance and leptin resistance.

Leptin and insulin are hormones that help your body mobilize the right energy for the task; however, if you eat too many carbs or the wrong kind of fats, your system becomes resistant to using the correct energy and you end up hungry all the time and overeat, or you are overweight and you can’t seem to lose weight.

Both of these conditions can be helped.

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