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Dr. Greg Symko, Concord-area Functional Neurologist, writes about the difference between health care and medical care.

To some, the difference between health care and medical care may be an unusual comparison; however, I believe there is an important difference between the two.

While medical care is necessary and valuable to us all, it has its limitations. If a life has to be saved, a limb needs to be mended or a tumor removed, nothing surpasses medical care. Hence, this is where medicine excels.

Where medical care is falling short is apparent when looking at the chronic diseases our population is suffering from, sadly it is on the rise.

Health care addresses all problematic symptoms that Medical Care does not have a test for, a label for or any means of treating. More often than not, they end up treating the symptoms without ever getting to the cause. I mostly find the underlying issues of those symptoms are related to eating habits and lifestyle.

In health care there are no magic bullets, no prescribed drugs or heroic surgeries to fix the symptoms. Instead, there is a comprehensive investigation into lifestyle and diet and when addressed and adjusted properly can correct the underlying symptoms.

That is what I do, health care.