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Stroke Rehabilitation

I think about stroke victims differently and my approach to their treatment is different than traditional attitudes and treatment. This is a good thing because most often stroke victims are treated in a way that is very limiting.

I believe that everyone has unlimited potential within to be better, to improve their life and to be happy and healthy.

I believe a person will live up to high expectations or give minimum effort when expectations are low. I expect that, working as a team, you and I can get you better, improve your life and be happy and healthy.

Your brain can do anything if you do two things for it. First, do the right things long enough. This is called activation. Second,  give your brain the right food or fuel. Since your brain needs the proper activation and fuel to function optimally, I incorporate these into your treatment plan.

You can achieve impressive results if you have the attitude that nothing is impossible. Equally important is the attitude your doctor must have.

If you can’t walk, we’re going to teach you how to walk again.  It doesn’t matter if it’s been six months, a year, five years or ten years.  If you can’t use your arm, let’s help you use your arm.

The prevailing philosophy regarding stroke rehab has been, “If your arm is affected, you’re just going to have to learn to live without it and use the other one.”  But in the last few years, research  from the stroke community has found that indeed, if I make you use your affected arm it will get better.

Case Studies

My patients have achieved these goals and more. Call the office at 978-369-7070 to learn more about stroke treatment or to make an appointment.