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Dr. Symko, Concord-area Functional Neurologist, and Functional Medical Practitioner writes about the Evolution of Health.

The Evolution of Health

I was thinking about health and the system we currently have in place when the above phrase came to mind.

Healthcare has evolved over the centuries but so have our ailments.  There was a time when a tooth abscess could kill a person, or a minor scrap could cause a massive infection.  Today, fortunately, these seem minor.

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Unfortunately, now we have heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease and cancer, not to mention chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, MS, and the list goes on.

Some say we have these diseases because we are living longer, but others say it is because of how we treat ourselves.

According to the World Health Organization, most modern diseases are due to lifestyle choices.

It is becoming clear that that is the case, so what are the correct lifestyle choices?  Some would say a vegetarian diet and plenty of exercise is the best.  Others would argue that a diet based on meat along with exercise is the best, some say food is not that important, but Yoga or meditation.

There are as many opinions about what the right choices are as there are people on the planet.  So what works?

Here are a few examples.  First, my mother-in-law and my next door neighbor, both are in the mid to late nineties.  Neither relies on a cane or walker; they walk up and down a flight of stairs never getting out of breath or needing help other that holding onto the railing.  Both think and speak clearly; both are well-informed and funny.

What did they do to encourage such good health?

My mother-in-law does not drive, never drank alcohol or smoked, and neither did my next door neighbor.

So is that the answer?  Not sure, but it certainly helped.

Another example is women in Asia that climb trees for fruit, well into their nineties.  My mother-in-law and neighbor could climb trees to collect fruit.  So what kind of lifestyle do those women have?

The last example is a the Sioux Chief Red Cloud.  He was riding horses and fighting battles well into his eighties.  (I’m not sure I could ride a horse now, and I’m only in my 50’s!)  What kind of lifestyle did he have?  He slept, walked a lot, probably smoked, but he ate buffalo and root vegetables.

What are the commonalities between these people that we can put together to follow a lifestyle that can copy theirs?  Is there a central thread or habit that we should incorporate into our daily lives?  That is for the next blog.

It is possible to support Type 2 diabetes sufferers and improve their lives with out more medication.

type2diabetes-s5-woman-removing-glasses-150x150Medications that help with type 2 diabetes are important, but they do have side effects.  One of the goals of functional health care is to support the patient so their dependency on medication is less and thus the chances of nasty side effects diminished.

With type 2 diabetes if the sufferer is willing there are many ways to help to improve their lives, reduce pain, improve the neuropathy,  increase energy, lose weight and live a healthier more satisfying life.   It takes a careful and in-depth approach to determine the underlying cause of the diabetes.

Once the cause can be found, help can be delivered.

Boston area Functional Health Care provider Dr. Greg Symko D.C. writes about Type 2 diabetes.

diabetes-150x150Type 2 diabetes is a growing problem in the United Sates.  There are an estimated 23 million people affected.  Traditional medicine calls Type 2 Diabetes “idiopathic” which means it has no known cause.  The problem with that is the term does not tell you how you might be able to help the condition improve.

The drugs used for Type 2 Diabetes only help slow the decline.  Functional health care may have the answer.  There are several reasons why someone develops Type 2 diabetes and being overweight is only one of them.

A functional health care provider is equipped to figure out the reason. Once the reason can be determined, the possibility of real help is realized.

Boston area functional health care provider Dr. Greg Symko D.C. writes about the possible causes of Type 2 Diabetes

diabetesA-150x150Now we understand how you can have the beginnings of Type 2 Diabetes without realizing any symptoms or having blood work show that you might.  What are the causes?  How does this happen?  First you must understand that it is not necessarily the individual’s fault that they get diabetes.  Here are five possible causes.

Lifestyle factors:  consuming certain foods, not having enough time to eat a proper meal, going hungry between meals, not getting enough sleep and dealing with chronic stressful situations.

Obesity:  Yes, obesity can cause Type 2 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes can cause obesity.

Environmental factors: exposure to toxic substances

Genetics: certain combinations of situations can trigger the genes’ expression and finally, you can get Type 2 Diabetes from faulty brain firing.   My job is to figure which of the above are the problem and then address it.