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Gregory Symko, D.C., D.A.B.C.N.
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About Dr. Symko

Gregory Symko

Dr. Gregory Symko is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Functional Chiropractic Neurologist who believes we are all responsible for our own health.

He works with individuals who have a whole host of illnesses from MS to chronic back pain and helps them to support their bodies normal physiology (normal function), and reduce the affects of their condition in order for them to live life to its fullest.

In 1999, after 14 years practicing chiropractic, he suffered a debilitating stroke that left him bedridden. After three long, painful years he was able to regain some function that enabled him to get back to some sedentary work.  Not fulfilled by this work he was determined to get back to the work he loved – helping people heal.

Using brain based therapies got him to a certain point where he was able to get back to being a chiropractor again.  But his understanding of what it meant to be truly healthy came in 2009 when he was enlightened at a conference on chiropractic neurology about the affects of food on the brain. The knowledge gleaned not only helped him heal himself more completely but started him on a path of healing others in a more holistic way.

Dr Symko believes that we all have in us the ability to understand our health so that we can live our lives to the fullest. He says, “It takes work and knowledge to get healthy. And with a desire to be well there is nothing you can’t achieve.”

Dr Symko practicing functional health in Concord, Massachusetts. He attends over 20 conferences a year on nutrition and brain health and has written two books, in a series of five, documenting his stroke and his journey to true health.  You can find his book, To Walk is to Live, on